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Ah, The Lovely… So if you have read what I wrote on The Land, you have an idea of why I am a photographer. But why do I enjoy photographing people? Sure, it is in large part because I just enjoy being behind a camera. It makes me happy and I truly feel wonderful with a camera in my hands. But people? Please, read on…

Too many people, myself included, are too darn hard on ourselves. And even hard on our outward appearances. But, I enjoy helping people see their own beauty. Truly see it. I often have people (male and female alike) that tell me how ugly they are, how they look horrible in photos, how they have never had a good photograph of themselves taken. This makes me sad. And yet it is common and familiar. When I am able to have a great time with an individual, a couple, or a family, creating images that capture their personality, that shows their inner and outer beauty, it is a lovely experience! And then… when they look at their images and see what I (and probably everyone else) can see- their beauty, their soul, their light, and are finally happy with photographs of themselves? It is truly priceless.

Here is the thing, most people have a time in their lives where they may feel less confident, but there are people who have been through more than their fair share of tough, really tough times and experiences. Abuse, neglect, and bullying can truly do a rotten number on one’s confidence. There is no other way to say it than IT SUCKS.  While the average person has their highs and lows, it does not compare to those who have been abused.

Abuse is something no one should experience, however too many do. Abuse has many facets and faces: neglect as a child, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, and even bullying falls into the abuse category. All of these things hurt and leave scars, whether visible to the naked eye or not. You may ask what this has to do with my photography and The Lovely?

The Lovely sessions are portrait sessions for those who have endured any form of abuse. I will work with each person to create beautiful images and have a great time doing it. I will do my best to show each person how incredibly beautiful they are. We all have beauty- both inside and out. And while I do not believe that everything in life is about outward appearances, who would we be kidding to try and say that it never mattered? I am here to help you see how lovely and beautiful you are (male or female, does not matter) And I do honestly, from my heart, believe we all have beauty. Let’s find yours.

How do The Lovely sessions work?

– You may write to me (Sindea) and suggest yourself. Just tell me a little bit of your story and how a Lovely session would help you.

– You may suggest someone you care about for a Lovely session. (it is still up to them if they wish to have it done)

– Sessions can be for women, men, children. Ages 3 to 103…

– Sessions will take place at a location that we choose together, or in your home, or wherever you wish!

– For women over the age of 18, you may choose to do the session in a tasteful boudoir style.

– There will be no cost for this session, and you will receive a cd of up to 20 images to use as you wish.

– The experience (s) that have led you to seeking a Lovely session could have happened at any point in your life. I am sorry you have gone through this, I do hope to help in your healing.

Your Story

For those who are in a good place of healing, you are welcome to share your story in a few ways here on The Dragonfly Inn…

– Give permission to share the images from your session on this site, and on the Facebook page.

– Write your story and we will share it together with your images here.

– Sindea can interview you and write your story for you to share on here with your images.

– You will always be treated with respect, kindness, and safety.

Please note that if you are not ready to share that you have experienced any form of abuse, you are under no obligation to share your Lovely session images. I respect your heart and your privacy. Those who are in fact in a good place of healing, or want to share their images (with or without their written story) as part of their healing process are welcome to authorize Sindea and The Dragonfly Inn to do so. We will discuss this prior to your session.

Sindea’s story

I would be remiss if I did not explain a bit of my background and why I feel so strongly about providing The Lovely sessions. Sadly, I have experienced a few different types of abuse in my life. While some of it is a bit too personal for me to share as a public business, I can share a portion that affects too many people today in our world: bullying in school. It was terrible, and it is rotten to see that it is still a real problem today. Bullying in any manner is wrong and very painful. Physical bullying leaves physical scars and emotional bullying leaves even more lasting ones. When I think back on myself as Little Sindea, and the horrific things that were said and done to me by both true bullies and friends having their own rough time, I am so sad for Little Sindea. She did not deserve that crud.   While it has left a scar on my heart, I can say that I am finally at a place of healing and that each time I am able to get to know someone and help them in their own journey of healing, my scar seems to become more faint, and just a little bit smaller. I hope that I may be able to help those in need of healing see their own scars fade just a bit. The trickle down effect in this can be beautiful, and lovely, and oh so healing. When you are walking down the street and smile at someone, they feel your care, and then in turn, they share it with someone else, and so forth. This is my smile that I am sharing with you and those you care about who could use some help in their journey.

Therese Marie - That is so wonderful of you to offer these Lovely sessions.. You will touch so many hearts with you generous gift.. Blessings to you and your website is amazing.

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